Be Yummy

At Residence Stalegro in Cesenatico, we know how much energy is needed for a truly free stay without time restrictions that is tailored to your desires.
Which is why, in the common room on the ground floor you’ll find a self-service area with vending machines filled to the brim with snacks and drinks.

Are you someone who loves snacks and taking a break?
Be happy and grab yourself a snack!

Whether it is a mid-afternoon snack or your first coffee of the day, a tasty break is always waiting for you here, whenever you want it.

You can grab a fruit juice before heading to the beach, a candy bar or cake to bring with you on a trip to the countryside or a bottle of water to quench your thirst after a challenging bicycle ride.

You can chose what you want in total autonomy, without having to wait!

Common places.
Never boring.