Smart stay
in Cesenatico.

Stàlegro (which is literally stai allegro or “be happy” in English) is a local turn of phrase that reminds us all to relax and smile. The local expression also reflects the sunny and optimistic disposition of our entire team.

Stalegro is a new smart residence in the heart of Cesenatico, just 300 metres from the beach, and it is perfect for everything from a weekend getaway to a long sojourn. A new, innovative, technological residence for a carefree and easy stay.


Common places.
Never boring.
Intelligent location.

The sea or happy hour in town? From Residence Stalegro you can easily reach either.
The Riviera beach is just 300 metres away, the iconic canal-port of Cesenatico, with its fashionable clubs, is just 1.5 kilometres away, an easy stroll!

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